kyraquarius828 (kyraquarius828) wrote in appstate,


Hey there, to be quite honest I don't actually go to ASU. I mainly just wanted to let you know that I made a community for not just Boone, but people in the entire area code of "828". I know some people find it stupid to advertise communities, but I figure that if all of you are going to ASU then you probably live in the area code and maybe you'd like to join us there too. Right now there are only a few posts because I just opened it. I mainly hope that it will be a way to let others know what's going on around Boone and surrounding areas and perhaps make some new friends that don't live halfway across the state. The community is x828x, though it would've been "828" but it was already taken.

Sorry if I'm bothering anyone, hope to see some of you posting there!

((X-posted to a few other ASU and Boone communities, sorry!)

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